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Research interests

Most of the research I do and have done is related to radio systems and radio resource management. With this I mean that I study multiple transmitters and receivers that want to communicate with each other. The problem is that there are limitations, to the power, energy, radio spectrum and so on that these devices can use. The problems I study are related to how the devices should behave and what kind of performance that can be expected from them. Although this is "trivial" for a single device things quickly get complex when there are many in a system since they all affect each other.

In particular I am interested in the various aspects of unlicensed spectrum. I have done research on how to peacefully coexist without interfering too much with each other. On the other hand in unlicensed spectrum there may not be any reason to be nice to each other and I have also studied what happens when users start to compete. The rules the regulators set for unlicensed spectrum have a large influence on what happens and I find the interplay between rules and the actions of the users quite interesting.

Traditionally when designing radio systems there has been a single goal to achieve, e.g. lowest infra structure cost per satisified user. However as technology evolves there may be different goals for different actors. Game theory is a wonderful tool for analyzing this kind of multiple goals problems and I find that using game theory in radio research is both fruitful and interesting.

Last updated: 05 January 2008